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The NEODC offers a number of web services using the ESA Service Support Environment (SSE). To use the services you need to be:

  1. a registered NEODC user (register here)
  2. registered with the ESA SSE portal (register here)
  3. authorised to use the relevant datasets

The main SSE portal is available here.

Frequently asked questions and answers can be found in the SSE FAQs.

SSE Services

ARSF Utilities Service (link to be updated soon)

This service allows SSE users to process NERC ARSF data online. Users can process Level 1b ATM and CASI data to either HDF level 3a,  JPEG, TIFF, BIL, BSQ or GeoTIFF formats. The service uses the latest version of AZGCORR and AZEXHDF. The AZ Utilities Service Primer provides more information and instructions on this service.

AATSR Subscene Extractor Service

This service allows SSE users to extract a geographical subscene of AATSR data in Envisat PDS format. Users are asked to specify an AOI and date range and are presented with relevant scenes for download.

AATSR Radiance Log Service

This service allows SSE users to generate a time series radiance log for a specific Earth surface location for all data in the NEODC (A)ATSR multimission archive (1992 to present). This service is mainly directed at those interested in emitted radiance from features such as active volcanoes or ground fires.

NDG Data Discovery Service Client

Enables SSE users to discover resources made available by the NERC DataGrid (NDG). Search results include records and samples of data from the NEODC, BADC and other NERC data centres involved with the NDG.

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